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 21st Century Reformation

 Abrahamic Movement Youtube channel

Atlanta Bible College/Church of God General Conference, McDonough, GA, USA

The Bible Jesus, Australia

The Bible Unitarian

The Byte Show, Guest page 6 and Guest page 7, audio interviews with Anthony Buzzard

Center for Socinian Studies, Marian Hillar

Christian Monotheism

Cogcast A broadcast ministry of the Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith

God Has a Plan

God's Kingdom First

 The Harvest Herald

The Human Jesus website and forum




 Fe de Abraham Nicaragua

 Jesusishuman.com  View the documentary The Human Jesus

 A Journal from the Radical Reformation. Back issues available online.

 The Kingdom Seeker

 Light of Christ Ministries

 Allon Maxwell's home page, incorporating "Bible Digest" and "Peacemakers for Jesus," Australia

 The Newton Project, Canada

Original Christian Doctrines

 Reflections of a Generic Christian, Robert Hach

Restitutio.org Sean Finnegan's podcast, articles, and blog

 Scattered Brethren Network

Theological Conference

The Truth in All Boldness

Unitarian.su Russia

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